Enterprise Server and Storage

Enterprise Server and Storage Solution

Enterprise server and storage solutions that help you operate at business speed, fast, flexible, efficient and application-integrated.

HPE Enterprise Server

  • HPE Converged Systems 500 for SAP HANA Scale-up and Scale out
  • HPE Converged Systems 900 for SAP HANA Scale-up
  • HPE Hyper Converged 250 System
  • HPE Blade and Proliant Server (Intel Xeon)
  • HPE Integrity Blades (Intel Itanium)
  • HPE Integrity Superdome X (Intel Itanium)
  • HPE Enterprise Synergy

Clustering Solution

  • HPE ServiceGuards
  • HPE ServiceGuards for SAP HANA
  • SUSE Cluster
  • Microsoft Cluster
  • Veritas Cluster

HPE Enterprise Storage

Disk Backup Systems

  • HPE StoreOnces(D2D)

Disk Storage Systems

  • 3PAR Storage
  • EVA Storage
  • MSA Storage
  • StoreVirtual

Tape Systems

  • Single Drive
  • Autoloader
  • Libraries

Enterprise Backup Solution

  • HPE Data Protector
  • Veritas BackupExec
  • Veritas NetBackup
  • Veeam Backup and Replication

TERABYTE have been appointed to be “Platinum Partner” (the highest level of HP Enterprise Partner) of the Enterprise Group of Hewlett-Packard (HP) in Thailand in February 2012. …The first and only company in Thailand.

TERABYTE Upgraded to HP ESSN Platinum Partner with Success in Every Services

TERABYTE is the first company in Thailand to have been selected as the “Platinum Partner” of the Enterprise Group of Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd. This is a fantastic leap forward of Terabyte Net Solution. This success has been achieved through the development of many new components and ideas which have helped them to realize their potential as a dynamic modern company. In the wake of this unique collaboration we have decided to bring Terabyte Net Solution’s fascinating story to you.

Mr. Surasit KiwprasopsakChief Executive Officer - Terabyte Net Solution Public Co., Ltd.

During the past many years, we achieved significant “HP Top Reseller Outstanding Overall Achievement ESSN”, “HP Best Reseller and “HP Top Performing Partner” awards for many enterprise solutions, such as Blade Server, Proliant Server, Enterprise Storage and so on.

In summary, we achieved ten consecutive years (2006-2015) excellence top reseller, top performer awards HPE for Enterprise Storage, Servers in Thailand as well as Asia Pacific and Japan. Our recent awards and recognitions are as follows:

  • HPE Best Partner of the Year 2015 Outstanding in Mid Market”
  • “HP Best Performance/Selling 2014 – HP Storage”
  • “HP Best Reseller Accomplishment 2014 – Selling Cross-BU”
  • “HP Best Reseller of the Year 2013 – One HP – Outstanding Innovation Solution”
  • “HP Best Reseller Enterprise Group 2012 – HP 3PAR Storage”
  • “HP Best Reseller Enterprise Group 2012 – Outstanding in Telecom Industry”
  • “HP Top Reseller Outstanding Overall Achievement ESSN 2011
  • “HP Top Reseller ESSN Cross Product Selling 2011
  • “HP Best Reseller 2010 – ESSN Value Business Product”
  • “2010 HP Top Performing Sales Representative – HP Attached Services Award”
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2009 – Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Storage”
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2008 – Blade Servers” AP and Japan
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2008 – Industry Standard Servers (ISS)”
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2008 – Enterprise Storage” AP and Japan
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2007 – Industry Standard Servers (ISS)”
  • “HP Top Performing Partner FY2007 – Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Storage”
  • Excellence Award FY2006 – Integrity and Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) Storage”