imgThinkker Co., Ltd. is the leading consultant/implementer of QlikView and QlikSense solutions,

img_09The next generation business intelligence / data visualization tools, developed by Qliktech International AB, NASDAQ, USA.  Thinkker is the member of Terabyte Net Solution Public Co., Ltd. since March 1st, 2016.  They have very strong experience in providing QlikView/QlikSense solutions for large enterprise in various businesses.  They are appointed as QlikView/QlikSense official partner in Thailand.  Thinkker is also provide the customized .net programming projects as well as IT consultant

img_06Pawarate Chaiyakorn, Managing Director of Thinkker Co., Ltd. who have 15 years background in providing implementation/consulting of QlikView for various large businesses, especially, expertise in integration with SAP and other ERP/database platforms.

QlikTech at a Glance:

  • Founded 1993 in Sweden
  • 34,000 customers in 105 countries
  • Used in all Top 20 Financial Services firms in US and EMEA
    • Top 15 Banks
    • Top 5 Insurers
    • Top 10 Capital Markets
  • 1,400+ employees across 28 offices in 23 countries
  • Poster Child of BI and Leader in Data Discovery (Gartner BI Magic Quadrant)
  • 1,700 global partners including industry specific technology, solution and SI partners