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T.Group is the leading partner of Microsoft (Thailand) who provide Microsoft Azure – public cloud services for mission critical environments. Especially, for SAP S/4 HANA, Microsoft Dynamics and so on. Not only public cloud but we provide private cloud to serve customers’ requirements. T.Group can provide extensive consulting and valued added services to enable customer success for their cloud journey by utilize our professional technical team who have very high experience in both on-premises and cloud solutions. We are one of the significant player of cloud service provider in Thailand. We have significant growing number of customers’ references of cloud services for business critical environments. In addition, we offer cloud-like (HPE Flexible Capacity) while the hardware is installed at customer site but customers pay OPEX likes cloud services. We offered the following cloud solutions:

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T.Group diversify their solution and service portfolio to data-oriented/data-analytic solutions and services. They started to offer business intelligence (BI) solutions, consulting and services by joint invested 51% in Thinkker Co., Ltd. since year 2016. T.Group have very significant customers references in various businesses. Especially, manufacturing, retails and so on.

As huge amount of data growing since mobile first, cloud first era. Both structure and unstructured data are valuable for business competitiveness and survival. Business can utilize huge amount of data by implementing big data and not only big data, AI (artificial intelligence) / ML (machine learning), such as e-KYC and facial recognitions plays much significant roles by enable worth of data for business from these big data.

Now, T.Group can help customers for these innovation solutions including advanced analytics, AI/ML, big data and blockchains by our consultants who have domain experts in various businesses including banking, insurance, manufacturing, food and beverages and so on. Our solutions and services portfolio are as follows:


As growing of logistics business in Thailand. Not only companies who provide logistics services to their customers but also most companies related to logistics on their own. Such as manufacturer who have battery manufacturer industrial, need to ship their products to their customers, either by themselves or by their outsources. T.Group diversify their solution and services portfolio to serve customers by acquired SIMAT Soft Co., Ltd. (who offer SKYFROG -- the leading logistics software) in Q4 2019. The following are summary of SKYFROG modules:

We are also an authorized reseller of Vansales Application, the leading Vansales ( application in Thailand, developed by long-term experienced team of sales/distribution in Thailand and neighbor countries. Vansales App can help sales management of Vansales, route planning, distribution and customer satisfactions with affordable SaaS (Software-as-a-service) pricing. It supports both iOS and Android and AI enabled. The summary highlights of Vansales app are as follows: